The Year So Far in Superhero Cinema by Jeff Mohlman

The Year So Far in Superhero Cinema by Jeff Mohlman

Hello, everyone! I’m Jeff Mohlman and I love watching movies. I’m not very particular about the genre; if the movie is good, be it horror, action, adventure, animation or romance, I’m in. Checking out upcoming movies is a favorite pastime, or at least, my favorite way of spending time on the internet. Last year, when “Logan” came out, I thought that was the best movie to come out of the X-Men franchise, which made 2017 my favorite year for superhero movies. And then there was the live-action “Wonder Woman” movie that came out in the summer, followed by “Thor: Ragnarok” in the fall, and I’ve pretty much made up my mind that 2017 was the biggest year for superhero movies, until 2018 came. We’re only halfway through the year, and I’ve already seen quite a few amazing superheroes battling it out with their nemesis on the big screen.

Why is 2018 the biggest year in superhero cinema?

Jeff Mohlman: I can think of a number of reasons but here are my favorite three: Black Panther (first time live action ever!), Avengers: Infinity War (not ashamed to admit I shed a few tears for Thanos and Gamora—that scene where Thanos sacrificed her to get the soul stone), and Deadpool 2 (the embodiment of the anti-superhero hero).

I have yet to see “The Incredibles 2,” although it’s been out for almost a week now.

Upcoming movies worth the wait

Jeff Mohlman: If you’re into superhero movies like me, well-executed live action adaptations of our favorite comic book superheroes are always worth the wait. One of the movies that I look forward to seeing is “Ant-Man and The Wasp.” ‘Ant-Man” was a delight to watch! I must say that Paul Rudd did the role justice. Ant-Man was messy, insecure, confused, reluctant, and clumsy but in the end, his superhero heroics prevailed and won the hearts of everyone, especially his daughter and ex-wife.

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Another movie that I look forward to seeing, and might I add, I’ve been dying in anticipation to wait to be adapted on the big screen, is “Venom.” I’ve been reading Spider-Man since I was a kid and I’ve always found Venom an interesting character. He was useful in the beginning, too, because he gave Peter Parker more power but greed took over and so Peter had to remove him from his system—literally. I can’t wait to see how they will portray Venom in the movie!


On that note, another movie adaptation I can’t wait to see in December is “Spider-Man: Into Spider-Verse.” It’s an animated adaptation of the Miles Morales Spider-Man, Miles Morales being one of the characters that emerged in comic books as “another” Spider-Man.

Oh, and there’s “Aquaman” too, which is also due to come out in December.

There you have it; my reasons for making 2018 the biggest year for superhero cinema.

Jeff Mohlman invites you to stay tuned to this page to read more about his favorite movies and upcoming movies he can’t wait to see.