Top Four Things to Do in Dayton

Jeff Mohlman Blog: Top Four Things to Do in Dayton

Jeff Mohlman has been living in Dayton, Ohio his whole life. He went to the University of Dayton and started his career in the city’s commercial district. In his spare time, he likes visiting museums, going fly-fishing, boating, and watching sporting events. With fall and winter coming around soon, Jeff Mohlman gives you the top five things that a visitor could do in Dayton.

  1. Check out the craft beer and food scene – From the Fifth Street Brewpub to the Yellow Cab Tavern to Young’s Jersey Dairy, there’s always something for every sort of palate. The Yellow Cab Tavern, for instance, offers night markets from Thursdays to Sunday,s and hosts music and art events too. Young’s Jersey Dairy, on the other hand, makes some of the most delicious frozen treats in Ohio. Jeff Mohlman personally recommends the stretch of road between the Fifth Street Brewpub and the Dayton Beer Company if you’re up for some craft beer.
  2. Catch some talented live musical acts – Dayton is known as the “Birthplace of Funk”, and the Funk Museum in downtown Dayton pays tribute to the local roots of such acts as the Ohio Players and Zapp. However, Dayton is also home to a very diverse musical scene that includes legendary bands as The Breeders and Guided By Voices. Jeff Mohlman suggests that you visit Blind Bob’s Bar, Rock Star Pro Arena (which also doubles as a pro wrestling venue), and Jazz Central. Oregon Express is also a small but intimate venue where you could watch local acts play up close.
  3. Watch a Dayton Flyers game – With not much in the way of professional sports teams, the University of Dayton Flyers basketball team has become the hottest ticket in town. The UD Arena, with a capacity of just over 13,000 spectators, regularly sells out. The arena hosts the NCAA Tournament “First Four” every March, and the team itself has made four NCAA Tournament appearances in the past five years. The Red Scare, Dayton’s student section, is among the loudest and proudest in the nation, and Jeff Mohlman is proud to have been part of the UD tradition.
  4. Explore the great outdoors – Dayton has a wide variety of outdoor recreational options, with 19 MetroParks scattered all over the city. If you want a bit more adventure, take a hike over at the Little Miami State and National Scenic River, featuring miles and miles of relaxing scenic trails, rugged gorges, and a working water-powered mill that also serves plate-sized pancakes. Fans of water sports, like Jeff Mohlman, also find that the Miami River in downtown Dayton offers great canoeing, rafting, and kayaking options for paddlers of all skill levels.


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